ONEWOOD Timber Deck

ONEWOOD Decking system consists of solid homogeneous planks of reconsituted timber (composite timber) which enables resanding and refurbishing works after years of wear. It has minimal shrinkage and expansion when exposed to environmental charges.

ONEWOOD Decking consists of a unique convex profile with double groove on the sides for PVC Clip System. With this clip system, the screws will not be visible on the decking itself. An option of additional 5 anti-slip v-grooves lines at intervals of 15 mm c/c on each plank is also available upon request.

ONEWOOD Decking utiltizes ONEWOOD as support battens for better structural support. When required, our decking system is compatible with high strength height-adjustable and slope-correctable pedestals for heights of screen to finishing level that exceeds 106 mm.

Standard Dimensions
Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
24 145 2450

Kindly contact us at should you require customised dimensions.

ONEWOOD Composite Timber Decking System
Termite Resistant
ONEWOOD Decking mitigates the problem of termite infestation.
Water Resistant
ONEWOOD Decking is naturally water resistant, together with its convex profile, it allows excess water to run off easily.
Class 1 Surface Flame of Spread (BS 476: Part 7: 1997)
ONEWOOD’s fiber has been impregnated with fire retardant formula giving its low flame spread property which can be considered for spaces with Class 1 fire rated requirements. ONEWOOD has complied with BS 476: Part 7: 1997 Standards for Surface Flame Spread Test.
Suitable for High Traffic
ONEWOOD is a product with high density and hence resistant to areas with high traffic. Together with compatible decking finishes, the durability of ONEWOOD Decking is enhanced and makes suitable for outdoor commercial places like resorts and villas.
Reuse and Refurbish
ONEWOOD Decking’s homogeneous property enables resanding to reveal a fresh layer of beautiful wood grains that can be recoated for maintenance or to achieve a new look to complement your new design.
Finishes and Coating

Due to ONEWOOD’s homogenous properties, the decking is applicable for refurbishing through sanding and varnishing. Just like natural timber, a wide range of conventional wood coating finishes are applicable to ONEWOOD Flooring such as:

  1. Standard Polyurethane Flooring Coating (PU)
  2. Ultra-violet Curable Coatings (UV)
  3. Oil-based Floor Finishes